All-Terrain Scout Vehicle (

The AWE Striker gets quite a bit of flak these days from collectors due to its repeated appearances over the years. It’s been a part of the small Joe lines since the 80s, then showing up in the early 2000s relaunch, into the 25th anniversary and on through the recent movie lines. The thing even showed up in the Stargate toyline. Some say the vehicle has worn out its welcome, but I have found some fascination in tracking down all the variations. I even found something to like about the Retaliation version. I also eagerly await this year’s release with its attached shelter feature. I guess it reminds me of the Adventure People. Yeah, I’m strange.

If you want the AWE in brick format, Geewunner offers a take on the original. This build has quickly become my favorite of the vintage brick customs. The silhouette is pretty much dead-on to the original, and I’m really impressed with the details. The canopy cannon is a nice micro-build, the off-road headlights are represented, and there’s even a distinctive circular component on the rear engine cover. My favorite little touch is the sight/fire-control camera in the seat area.

The custom and more are available at the Geewunner online store.

All-Terrain Scout Vehicle ( Scout Vehicle ( All-Terrain Scout Vehicle ( All-Terrain Scout Vehicle (


  • I attempted to make an AWE striker out of not- lego bricks. I failed misserably.
    ALSO. Dont forget that the AWE striker was once a stargate toy

  • Some of Geewunner’s models have been inspirational to me to try building my own version. I’m not crazy about the Lego rollcage, so I built mine with Technic parts and made it a little wider. Love that cannon, though.

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