The A-Team 

By Past Nastification The A-Team was a logical choice for Galoob.  The same kids who bought GI Joe toys and watched the GI Joe cartoon surely idolized NBC’s campy-but-virtuous soldiers of fortune.  Galoob was obviously trying to shoehorn some A-Team toys into kid’s GI Joe adventures and grab a buck.  Fair enough.   The 1:18 scale line featured mediocre figures,

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Spearhead (2001 Funskool)

By Past Nastification Funskool usually had two approaches to its color schemes.  The first was to keep figures about the same as their American releases.  The second was to go random with gaudy and clashing colors guaranteed to create motion sickness.  Those figures were fun not because they were good, but because they were outside the norm.   But every

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