Snow Wolf (2004)

The Snow Wolf made his appearance in the first series of Valor vs. Venom, which was sensible considering the animal theme of the Cobra forces. As troops, they’re venomized to become feral creatures with increased abilities to withstand the extreme conditions of cold weather. They’re also crack shots. Who would figure wolves for marksmen (markswolves?) The mold first appeared as

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Storm Shadow (2007)

The first Storm Shadow of the 25th anniversary line was a bit of an interesting departure from the original 1984 figure design. I think that it really showcased this series’ attempt to take the highly recognizable character designs of the Real American Hero era into a new super-detailed direction. I don’t know what constitutes a historically accurate ninja garb, but

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Airfix Eagles

Airfix, most famously known for its model kits and miniature soldiers, also delved into the world of action figures a bit. Why cover the Eagles line here at JAD?  Because of its similarities to both the original 1960s Joe line’s military subjects, and its even closer similarity to the Palitoy Action Force line of the early 1980s. The series offered

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