The Power of Packaging: Cyborg

You’re probably thinking: Okay, Rob–you’ve been skipping days here at your supposedly daily GI Joe blog, and now you’re once again featuring something non-GI Joe. For the first part, yes–I have missed quite a few days. No big deal. For the second part, yes–this isn’t a GI Joe toy, but is shares Joe DNA. Takara’s Henshin Cyborg evolved from the

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Billy Arboc

By KansasBrawler Once again, I find myself talking about a figure that I think is great and is controversial even though it shouldn’t be. This time around, it’s Billy Kessler (sorry, GIJCC, I refuse to use the name “Billy Arboc” for him—it’s just not a good last name). When Billy was announced for FSS 4.0, there were a lot of

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