Storm Shadow Body Spray

Your eyes do not deceive you. This is not clever PhotoShop chicanery or a bit of Fake News. It’s actual, really real honest-to-Hama, Storm Shadow Body Spray. Or, to be more exact, Cobra EDT Body Spray. EDT–that must be some cool military acronym, right?  Like the manufacturer was going all-in on the mythos with this product. Nope. EDT just means

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Cobra Liquidator

By Past Nastification Based on the real world Saab Draken, the Cobra Liquidator is also close in design to the Cobra jet flown by Major Bludd in the opening scene of Sunbow’s The MASS Device. It was probably a coincidence that Hasbro chose to source the Draken as a Cobra Jet, as Sunbow had nothing to do with the GI

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Retaliation Crimson Guard

By KansasBrawler I’ve always liked the Crimson Guard. The concept of elite Cobra operatives who are not only dangerous on the battlefield but dangerous inside the American home front as well is really cool. However, to me, the figure has always relegated him to the status of Cobra Commander’s bodyguard. That’s neat enough, but I’ve always thought the Crimson Guards

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