The Power of Packaging: Action Force Cobra Commander

Palitoy’s Action Force packaging is interesting in its straightforward design. There’s no explosion, character art or extraneous copy, just bold color and text. It’s basic and effective. When the line began to incorporate the US Joe concepts like Cobra and o-ring figure designs, small additions were made to the cards. The Commander’s card features a unique Cobra logo design, as

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Jodie “Shooter” Craig (2016)

Shooter makes it to action figure form for the first time since her obscured one-panel cameo appearance in Marvel GI Joe issue #1, and ten years after her full reveal in the pages of the Devil’s due GI Joe Declassified mini-series. This figure’s file card doesn’t hint at her historic importance as one of the original team members who participated

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Arctic Threat Doc

By KansasBrawler Store exclusives are sometimes the bane of my existence. First of all, it’s kind of annoying when you can only get a figure at one certain store. It’s even more annoying when the store is not in your town, and it’s even more annoying when there’s only one of those stores within reasonable driving distance. That being said,

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