Blizzard (1988)

I can’t believe I missed so many arctic Joes in my time away from the toys in the late 80s. The regular troops, vehicles and drivers were all beefed up. Blizzard stands out as a favorite.  Blizzard is chock full of accessories, including skis, ice shoes, two weapons, a backpack and helmet. This alone would be enough to draw one’s

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Night Raven Art

The Night Raven was such an impressive toy, it really didn’t need an amazing piece of box art to help sell it. The clean painting is even more striking. Here’s hoping Hasbro sees fit to supporting the release of great toy art like this. It’s fantastic to see the fans take the initiative when it comes to this sort of

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Funskool Wild Weasel

If there’s one thing you can’t accuse the later Funskool releases of, it’s drabness. The colors ran pretty wild and wooly near the end of their time with the GI Joe license. Of course, I’m not complaining, because I have a streak in me that prefers polychromatic playthings. Wild Weasel is I think famous in collectors’ minds because of both

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