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Well, at least it’s something. Considering that 2014 is the 50th anniversary of the brand, many Joe fans have been on pins and needles of late, waiting for word of Hasbro’s plans for the year. We finally got an answer today; some of the news was exciting, and some was disappointing. To hear that GI Joe will continue to be on shelves is always good news, but for many, the fact that the anniversary sets are Toys R Us exclusives is a mixed blessing. The toy retailer’s stores aren’t as widespread as they once were, and many parts of the country will be shut out from buying the toys in a brick and mortar store. In TRU’s defense, I will say that they’ve gone great guns, at least in my area, keeping the Kre-O figures and sets stocked.

Speaking of Kre-O, that fun little offshoot continues to amaze me. The Terrordrome looks to be an absolute buy, regardless of price. The single pack figures look just as interesting and fun as previous waves, even including Mike Powers: Atomic Man! (sadly, the only nods to the 12 inch era come in the Kreo-O series). The Real American Hero segment gets the most representation, which only makes sense, considering the largest part of the fanbase is centered around that era. There are definitely some beautifully rendered figures and nicely repainted and remolded sets I’ll be hunting down (arctic Sky Hawk), but part of me wishes the series was paying more homage to the 60s and 70s. I guess it was just too much to expect an Eagle Eye Joe, Intruder or Super Joe Commander figure to be thrown in the mix. Maybe in the 2015 Kre-O wave.

Overall, it’s not the grand celebration some were hoping for, and it’s not as ambitious as the 30th Salute from 1994, but it is something. The 12 inch segment of the brand’s history really seems to have been left out, unless there’s something else coming in the larger scale. That’s definitely a disappointment. After all, the big guys started this whole thing.

But enough of my blather, check out the pics.


  • A Wolverine but no Cover Girl? What is up with that?

  • Nice to see some vehicles here that I never had as a kid, like the Cobra Wolf and the VAMP Mark II. Even better is getting some of the Concept Case stuff released, I see Flint, the HEAT Viper, Lady Jaye, Leatherneck, and the ’83 card art Destro up there. Also nice of Hasbro to re-release some of the rarer figures such as Low Light and a repainted Night Viper. And I’m happy for all the Kre-O collectors who are getting the Terror Drome.

    However, the overall brand must really be hurting for the 12″ inch line to be neglected like that. Seems like Sideshow and Hot Toys rule that particular roost now, but not everyone can afford to collect those at the high-end level. It’s a raw deal for the range which is actually blowing the candles this year.

  • Some may be upset but the brand has done well to last this long and atleast we are getting stuff for the aniversary.

    On the ’12 front, Hasbro probably doesnt want to make figures for that scale as they are mostly targeted at collectors and the collectors probably wouldnt buy them as they have items from Sideshow and such. Such a move would create shelfwarming

  • Those Lego Terrordrome and Outpost look pretty cool.

  • I am very excited with the offerings and I plan on picking up 95% of them.

  • Toys R Us exclusive?
    Nearest Toys R Us from this point is 53 miles.
    The next THREE (not making this up!) closest are each 66 miles away, EACH, in slightly different directions. (that’s just weird and odd!)

    All four of those are in another state.

    I have the closest option in state at 78 miles away, the next one nearest that 174 miles away to the southeast. Other than that, I can go 176 miles due east, or skip it and go the full 192 miles to the next one. And the only other one in state is a mere 209 miles away.

    Kind of nice that either my state, or the state next nearest each has four convenient locations to choose from.

    I was hoping for some 4″ scale vehicle goodness. I hope the “online” component of Toys R Us puts some things up for sale, but even still, there’s not a lot here that I really, really, really, feel like I need.

  • I’m glad Hasbro is doing something for the 50th Anniversary and the fact that so many of the sets are giving us another shot at hard to find stuff makes me really happy. Even more amazing, though, are the vehicle sets. I wasn’t sure if there’d be any vehicles, but a new VAMP, Night Landing Craft and Cobra Wolf are all great choices. Hopefully my wallet can handle the Joe awesomeness coming down the pike. I just wish they weren’t Toys ‘R’ Us exclusives just from the standpoint that it could potentially make things a little harder to run down.

  • GIJoe on the shelves = GREAT! Weird that there’s not a single 12″ homage, though. Especially when they could totally use existing parts. I would be too happy if that blue camo VAMP were really the ’84 mold, but I’m sure that’s just a mock-up (I’ll buy a set anyway).

  • Why is the Air Adventurer Kreon a brunette?

  • Toys R Us, huh? Last 3 times I was in TRU there were 12 Retaliation w1 Dukes warming the pegs. I don’t know whose fault that was, but I stopped bothering to hunt there. At least the new stuff can be purchased online, and it looks really cool.
    And miracle of miracles, I notice what’s missing–NO Snake Eyes, NO Duke, NO Storm Shadow, NO Cobra Commander. Nice change of pace! I like that there will be an opportunity to pick up some of the harder to find figures from the last few years, and I like the idea of a strong “vs.” two-pack like Low Light vs. Night Viper, HEAT Viper looks interesting, though another Blowtorch is a bit strange…

  • And miracle of miracles, I notice what’s missing–NO Snake Eyes, NO Duke, NO Storm Shadow, NO Cobra Commander.

    Actually, Snake Eyes is part of the Wolf/Skyhawk “Battle Below Zero” pack which I am hotly anticipating for the opportunity to acquire the PoC arctic Snake Eyes in his original (awesome) colour-scheme.

    Now that you mention it though, it would be nice if there was a vintage-style Duke to go along with Destro, Flint, Lady Jaye, Beachhead, Leatherneck et al. I’m also wondering where the concept-case Gung-Ho is. From a customising point of view, we could really use some normal combat-boot rocker ankles that aren’t ladies-sized…

  • Jester
    Ah, you’re right, there’s SE. Not being a vehicle buyer myself (gotta draw the line somewhere), I didn’t count him. SE has had a good run of figures these past few years, so if there’s one guy has to show up again, I’m glad it’s him, too.
    Also would have liked to see the concept case Gung-Ho. The tooling exists–hoping for a second wave, and beyond. This is good stuff.

  • Still no regular colored versions of Night Force convention guys, I guess making the club part with that potential cash cow is too much.

    I find the night landing utter boring. I realize it was intended for Retaliation. But I don’t care. It’s a little raft, the kind that every military toy line makes. How about a classic Ferret? Or Dreadnok Fang?

    I like the Vampe MK2. But if the classic colored version is an SDCC exclusive, I can forget it.

    I’d have gone with the Stinger or the Stun over the Wolf. It’s great for Wolf fans, but I’m just not that into arctic dedicated machines.

    Should’ve gone with Zarana over Baroness (that is a good Baroness, though). And Blowtorch? If he turns out to be unreleased variant, I can see it. Otherwise, there’s probably dozens of better choices.

  • @Scott

    Nearest Toys R Us for me that might have stock is 2934 miles away. The UK one’s haven’t had Joes in them since the first movie…!

  • Well, if you need somewhere to crash after your cross-Atlantic drive, let me know.

  • @captainswift – thanks; i might need more than that if I drove across the Atlantic!

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