Zartan (2015)

From the Vanishing Act set, it’s the subject of the vanishing himself. Pursued by Hit & Run and Torpedo, the master of disguise makes for the swamp, his home turf. Like yesterday’s subject, I found myself asking do I need another classically inspired Zartan figure? The answer turns out to be yes, since he’s different enough to stand out from the umpteen others I have.

Zartan (2015)

I’m sure folks have remarked how much Zartan looks like a real snickerdoodle when you consider his outfit with a critical eye. After all, we’re talking about a guy in a floating hood and armored belly shirt. However, the overall package just seems to kind of work, at least to us Joe fans. My wife and sister-in-law didn’t quite get Zartan’s fashion choices at first glance. I attempted to explain to them the finer points of why a particularly odd looking toy was in my opinion one of the coolest playthings to come out of the 1980s, but I don’t think they were swayed. They humored me though, and that still counts.

This new Zartan covers up his midriff with a nice sensible shirt. Sure, he’s still rocking the shirt armor like a boss LARPer, but the added clothing really suits him. The added armor on the legs suits him as well. I never considered it before, but adding the same type of plating to his shins, and more closely incorporating his metal thigh pads into his uniform pull the figure together in a way that’s not happened before. While there have been other designs that covered up Zartan’s sunlight sensitive skin, this one is certainly unique and decidedly modern.

The only drawbacks for me are the reliance on the 25th anniversary forearms and hands again, but it’s a minor issue. Other holdovers accessory -wise work out well, especially the crossbow and knife. I’m reminded in both cases of the Sigma 6 rendition of the character. Definitely my favorite Zartan since the Pursuit of Cobra line’s mystic nomad interpretation.


Zartan (2015)


  • I think you might be right about the Sigma Six inspiration behind this figure.

  • Perfect figure, Hasbro now make him translucent as an exclusive!

  • I’m shocked your wife and sister-in-law didn’t have a field day with his “disguises.”

    “Hey guys, it’s Duke! Oh, don’t worry, I’m just dressed up like Zartan because I’m also a master of disguise. What, I never mentioned it before? Torpedo, put your harpoon down, that’s an order!”

  • These legs were used in a LOT of Zartan customs before being used here. But hey, good choice of molds. If I were Hasbro, I’d be mining the online custom community, too! They usually use the available parts in very effective ways.

  • I still think if Hasbro had done something different than the v1 inspired look that it might’ve boosted interest. They added a shirt, but what if his pants weren’t maroon? The Resolute version did this well.

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