Zartan (2008)

The Devil’s Due comics of the 2000’s brought back old Joe characters garbed in both classic looks and new interpretations. Zartan received some significant changes in his look, finally managing to get himself into a full shirt. While this isn’t exactly what Zartan looked like in those comics, you can see the inspiration. From the waist down, it’s more of the classic Zartan, and it doesn’t quite work for me. The two styles just don’t blend together very well, though I do like the skull belt buckle.

The rifle is my favorite element of this figure. We don’t usually see Zartan with rifles, but this one works for him, considering his past, and his new futuristic look. With the large scope, it for some reason brings in a bit of a reminder of Zartan’s sound amplifying bow from the Hard Master assassination flashback in the Marvel comic.

Overall, it’s a more attractive figure than the later, vintage accurate version. The mask is reminiscent of the original accessory, but the same issues with the old snap-on mask still apply. The face protrudes and has a weirdly huge forehead, and the concept of a snap-on mask seems out of place and too old school for a modern figure. A completely different swappable head like the movie and Pursuit of Cobra versions, would have been preferable.


  • I was really happy to find this guy. He was hard to track down in KS and once I finally got my hands on him, I wasn’t disappointed. I really didn’t mind the DD look to him. I’d never had the original and the only Zartan I had was the mohawked Ninja Force one. DD comics were when I really started respecting the character (having gotten into comics long after the original Marvel run ended)…so for me, this guy was great. However, I can totally understand that people that wanted the 25th to be a faithful recreation of their old figures were upset with him, but in my mind, this guy is still decent for his time.

  • I like this version. I liked the later one better since it looks more accurate, but this one is also nice. I also don’t mind the snap-on mask since I never owned the ’84 original.

  • Ah Zartan I can still remember the brochure hasbro put out before the original Zartan came out. He actually turned green in the sunlight, and came with a strange swamp vehicle. That brochure always made him a fav, and the dreadnoks just added to his allure. I still have an OG zartan and always wondered did the cartoon artists think his cloak hooded thing was hair or a hood? Long live the Joes! Ah sunlight, I hate sunlight it robs me of my camouflage ability.

  • I was a big fan of the dd comic.I think they did a great job with his character.I don’t think I’ve seen this zartan before ill have to pick it up.

  • I’ve always felt that Zartan was a huge influence of Abbath, lead man from the legendary black metal band Immortal.

  • I’ve still got to get this version. All I’ve got is the 5-pack ROC version.

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