Zarana (2003)

Did I mention before that the original Zarana figure was fugly beyond belief? Maybe that was intentional  but probably not, since the card art portrayed a more attractive face. I suppose she just ended up with one of those ugly 80’s female action figure heads. Zartan’s little sis was subject to the same issues years later with this figure.

When Zarana showed up in the 2000’s line, her look had naturally changed. I don’t think anyone would have expected to see a modern figure done up in the sort of pseudo-punk and new wave combo she wore in the 80’s. This is Zarana more as biker chick, a look that I think suits her. The design may be solid, but the figure is big in the shoulders. I didn’t mind this common occurrence of the time when it came to the male figures, but the ladies really suffered for it.

Zarana’s personality in the Marvel comic was so rough that it almost belied her constantly dressing in pink. Black suits her attitude much better, I think. Some old elements were held over, like the gloves, hair color and the weapon. Here, her crazy rifle looks a bit more ridiculous, thanks to the less detailed mold. The original looked like an odd, yet sharp and deadly cutting instrument. This one looks like she stuck a pinwheel on the end of her rifle. Modern safety requirements strike again.


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