Zanzibar (1987)

In honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day, I’ve asked Seamus McGillicutty, pirate impersonator extraordinaire to write a guest blog.

Welcome, me buckos, tis time for what I’m told is a blog post. Never heard of it, though it is soundin’ like it could be part of a sailin’ ship that I wouldn’t like to be tied to.
This here be Zanzibar, one of the band o’ brigands what go by the moniker o’ Dreadnok. He is a man of ill repute, and regarded as a scurvy dog by his mates.

He certainly looks like a pirate I must say. His topknot looks like real hair, though I reckon it be plastic, much as the rest o’ him. He’s even armed with all manner o’ piratey weapons, including a hammer and spear. He drives an air skiff, which I hear is kind of a mini swampin’ buggy. It also be armed to the teeth, with machine guns and missiles.

He certainly looks like a scallywag I wouldn’t trifle with, lest I end up in Davey Jones’ locker.


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