Zanya (2011)

So who knew that Zartan’s extended family would eventually be represented in action figure form? Can’t say that I ever did. Let’s see, we have brother, sister and daughter. All that’s missing now is Zingo, Zartan’s dog.

Zanya is an amalgamation of her comic look and her auntie Zarana, thanks to the reuse of parts common to the Dreadnok battle pack. The figure isn’t an exacting reproduction of the comic version of Zartan’s spirited little girl, but still manages to be an effective and well detailed figure. It’s also a debut figure; the only one in the set.

As with all of the figures in the BigBadToyStore exclusive set, Zanya has a newly sculpted head. The hairstyle from her comic appearances is captured perfectly. I must say that Zanya’s face has a much more harsh look than in the comics, where she’s typically drawn in a classically cute manner. Here, she has a more angular face, and as such looks quite mean. I like the added detail of the piercings on her face as well.

Since the torso utilizes Zarana’s parts, her usual 3/4 sleeve t-shirt isn’t here. Hasbro did manage to throw in a reference to the fishnet gloves, though, and they’re very crisply painted. Overall, the details in the paint job on this figure are very well done. Even the piercings are picked out nicely.

Added note: I noticed that both the 25th anniversary style Zartan and the SDCC exclusive Zarana arms put an end to the infamous floating armor that’s plagued the Zartan family for decades–there are straps that hold them on. Now I know! And knowing is, well…you know.

Zanya is available along with six other figures in the Dreadnok battle pack at BigBadToyStore. A GI Joe set, Slaughter’s Marauders, is also available.


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