Zandar (1986)

According to his file card, Zandar is a master of camouflage and covert movement. He’s good at hiding and sneaking up on people. I would agree, but if he’s wearing this outfit, he’d stand a better chance at hiding in a Mardi Gras parade.

His brother Zartan certainly had a strange look, but at the same time was stylish, mysterious and cool. Zandar on the other hand comes across as a Grade-A 80’s New Wave fop. Did he take a wrong turn on his way to a Flock of Seagulls audition and ended up with the Dreadnoks? In all seriousness, I think they were going for the 80’s Mad Max biker gang style and just let the colors run wild. A repaint in his famous brother’s color scheme would have made for an interesting look, and carried the family theme more effectively.

The file card also says that he was the kid who never got noticed. Really? What part didn’t they notice–his bright red hair or streaked face? Which reminds me: have the strange markings on his face and chest ever been explained? I always assumed that they were tattoos.


  • I always assumed it was make up which is no better. Silly design but I still loved this guy. Devil’s Due did some cool stuff with him.

  • I always assumed it was war paint, but who knows?!

  • I was never a Zartan fan so his brother here lived up to his file card and didn’t interest me much. I could understand the whole Mad Max thing with the Dreadnoks after Thunderdome was released but these guys nearly hijacked the whole G.I. Joe franchise both in print and on TV. I remember getting him and Zarana for the color change feature and even that didn’t really impress me. Very much an 80’s deal with this guy.

  • Zandar was always one of those characters that had potential, and Devils Due did quite a bit to flesh him out. The figure itself did nothing for me. I was never a Dreadnok fan, except for Gnawgahyde and Roadpig, so this guy saw little to no use from me.

  • I think this figure needs a totoaly new look!
    Something with alot less color! Also his fairly rare use in the cartoon and comics make you wonder if he shouldnt be forgotten altogether.
    It might be cool if he was somehow a rival to his brother and sister and not just part of the group…

  • I recall this figure being a poor seller back in the day. I was never a fan. He didn’t add anything to Cobra or even the Dreadnoks, at least Zarana was another female.

    His head is pretty huge even by 1986 measures, Exposed torso but with shoulders protected… the Zartan family tradition. Ha.

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