Windchill (1994)

Originally the driver of the Arctic Blast, Windchill was thrown in with another cold weather vehicle, the Blockbuster, late in the Real American Hero era. The most impressively large of the GI Joe snow vehicles, it boasted an incredible salvo-firing missile launcher, and was quite a good vehicle considering its later release date.

Windchill hasn’t been changed much since the first version, other than a paint scheme. He also lacks his original skis. He’s also one of the 1994 figures who escaped the neon paint bucket. His new camo is sensible, though not as suitable to snow as his previous version. Maybe this is the uniform he wears when springtime is near.

Windchill also was not given the usual painted eye detail. His eye detail is done in the same shade of yellow as his hair. I always find this odd and off-putting, especially since the stylized eye paint was always a hallmark of the small GI Joe figures. When the paint isn’t there as normal, things just don’t look quite right. He’s also short on detail with the goggles attached to his hat. They have a very unique look that would stand out with just a simple paint app.

This mold seems to have more of a dress uniform vibe, since it has a double breasted jacket, gloves, riding pants and high boots. Windchill looks like either a higher ranking officer or a dandy who’s just a little too concerned with throwback fashions. Speaking of throwbacks, he’s also sporting one of the most impressive GI Joe moustaches.



  • I think the camo is meant for terrain with snow and trees. And I agree, a little paint application on the mask, the eyes, and even the strap and knife on his boot would do wonders.

  • The original looked better, but there’s not too much a drop in coolness (well, maybe the green suggests a milder Windchill). The green & white is an interesting color combination though.

    I agree, seems geared for a taiga so you can’t see the… Windchill through the snow-covered evergreen trees.

  • I prefer the original Windchill over this version. It’s likely due to the lack of paint apps even if the green and white combo does sort of make sense in a way. However, I do think the Blockbuster is a far better ride than the Arctic Blast, which I’ve never known what to think of. Such an odd duck, that one.

    The eye thing isn’t too surprising when you consider that Charbroil has a variation where the eyes match his fiery red hair. Still, the treatment poor Windchill receives here smacks of something Mego would have pulled off in their prime, back when painted facial details weren’t the norm for 3 3/4 figure lines.

  • Topside had the same problem, too.

  • It seemed fitting that one of the ‘bigger’ vehicles of ’94 was a snow vehicle. Look at all the snow and polar troops that came out that year. Even one of the Ninja force guys was a cold weather specialist

  • I thought I read somewhere that the Blockbuster and this Windchill was “technically” the last original ARAH product. Is this true? Also, I thought I read the Blockbuster was originally intended to be an urban assault vehicle, is this true?

    A regret with this figure is that I did not snap his file card off the box at the time.

    I actually preferred the 1989 Windchill over the ’94 here even though I had had the ’94 figure since 1994; not obtaining a 1989 figure until, maybe 2009/’10 or so.

    While the Blockbuster was kind of fun and allowed near the whole load of cold-weather GIJOE figures on board, the Arctic Blast (which was a much, much, later addition to my collection) is pretty cool.
    It is essentially a sled, and they stuck two big “tundra” tires (with spikes) on it. This vehicle would essentially darn near fly across frozen terrains, with minimal weight and tire types, it would slip across tundra with almost no impact.
    The Blockbuster was big, heavy, and sort of low to the ground.

  • You forgot the goofy part of Windchill v2. Either he’s not the same character or he’s in the witness protection program now. He was Jim Steel from Iowa, but according to his 1994 file card he’s Jim McDonald from Scotland (His serial number is still the same) I actually think that makes him more interesting, otherwise he gets lost in the GI JOE arctic trooper shuffle, since there’s like a dozen of them.

  • I really enjoy this figure it was one of the few that I had back in 1995. The Blockbuster is a highly underrated vehicle is full of tons of great play features.

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