Wide Scope (2003)

The Joe team has had a SWAT specialist since the 1988 release of Shockwave. The team has also had a K-9 specialist since the release of Mutt & Junkyard in 1984. Wide Scope combines the two, which I think distinguishes him from both. A well written bio on his file card brings more interest for me as a character. He’s the first-in door kicker type of SWAT member, but he’s also such a laid-back guy that he was once found asleep on the way to a SWAT operation. One thing that does rile him up is when someone makes fun of his canine partner’s name, Lamont. I must confess that I can’t help but think of Sanford and Son when I hear that name.

This figure for me is pure new sculpt early 2000’s goodness. It’s got a lot of the things I look for in a fun figure: bright, but not ridiculous colors, nice accessories and a simple yet effective design. The proportions are a bit off (as they were throughout the era) but that’s not a big deal to me with these figures. As a whole, the early 2000’s figures were very toyetic, which encapsulates what I really like about the new sculpt Joes. This era of Joe had a very animated or comic book look to the design and sculpts, which also lent it a naturally fun style that I still enjoy. They were toys and they were fun, first and foremost. It would be nice however to see this particular figure adapted to the current style.


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