We interrupt this blog for baseball

Hey, when your hometown ball team is in a playoff game for the first time since version 2 Snake Eyes was on the  pegs, you deserve to take time off to watch the game. New post will be up tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s Hardball.

By the way–Go Royals!


  • I dont have anything to say because Baseball is something i dont really know much about. Most of my knowledge about the game comes from “Homer at the bat” and i’m not sure how reliable that source is. Even though that episode was written by John Swartzwelder who is a baseball fanatic.

  • I feel like I’ve just ridden a rollercoaster. What a game. Nice to see postseason baseball in Kauffman Stadium.

    Know this Rob. There are a lot of fans in other teams’ fanbases rooting for the Royals. Something about being an underdog and the least dislikeable team in the playoffs (the Cardinals are the most dislikeable).

  • I don’t know much about the Kansas City Royals (not a baseball fan) but the KC Chiefs beat the dreaded Patriots (I’m a Bills fan) and Alex Smith blew up, helping my brother beat his opponent in fantasy football.

  • Being a Twins fan myself, I can’t root too hard for the Royals, but I’d certainly like to see them advance over the Tigers. And it’s hard not to like an underdog. Plus, that was a hell of a game. I can only imagine what it was like for you.

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