We Interrupt this Blog for a Special Message

For anyone who’s freaking out over the pushback of the Retaliation movie, and the supposed removal of the associated toys from stores, I’ve invited Storm Shadow to invoke a special version of the Arashikage Mind-Set that will put you at ease…


  • Steven B. Williams

    LIES!!! You take that back Storm Shadow! haha j/k

    Yeah, it’s not the end of the world. Who knows; things might pick up to the point that Hasbro reinstates the double-knee joint on all the figures (maybe give them all rocker ankles and such) come March. A long shot, true, but one never knows.

  • Ah well–at least those Dollar General figures will tide things over for a while. Hopefully, Hasbro at this year’s Joecon will reveal some sort of Plan B.

  • There’s been so much “end of the line” I thought it was a Tron fandom!

  • Seriously!

    To read some of the comments on other sites or listening to podcasts, you’d think that Hasbro & Paramount took everyone’s collective puppies & shot them in the street.

  • Thank You Tatum.
    Magic Mike by Steven Soderbergh: june 29 2012.

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