Wayback Wednesday: Zartan (2004)


I’d like to draw your attention today to an old post. I’m still fascinated by this figure, despite its proportion issues. Zartan hadn’t made a departure this far from his norm since the days of Ninja Force. Check him out in all his skullcap glory right here.


  • It’s funny how a lot of his tooling went to the convention Nullifier.

  • How is it that I missed Hockey-Hoser Zartan the first time around?!? For that I am thankful for the cop-out(ish) post today! (I hope you know I’m only kidding there)

    A while back I actually saw one of these being sold on eBay as “Hockey Fan Zartan”. since then, that is my association with the figure.

    I had ended up with a bunch of this figure in a couple fodder lots I’d bought early in my customizing days. Made for good practice pieces.

  • I actually quite like this figure. Not as Zartan but as one of his Dreadnok cronies who’s adopted a version of his facial tattoo. As for that belt – even before I read your post on it Rob, I’d decided it had to be a holo-projector of some sort.

  • An interesting design, though I agree, bad figure, bad proportions and pin-head. Though I’ve always felt that Zartan being the leader of a biker gang was strange to begin with. Didn’t mind the idea of him having a family of creepy siblings later, but as a kid, having owned the first Zartan, I always thought he was more of a lone assassin and far too mysterious, well-trained, and lizard-like to be the leader of the Dreadnoks. Maybe the position would have been better for someone like Major Bludd? He seems like more of a big-boot buttkicker, fitting for a gang of chopper-riding blokes wielding tools of destruction. Oh well, Zartan is their leader and any character wearing a knit cap is pretty cool. Just ask V1 Low-Light!

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