Vincent “Falcon” Falcone (2016)

The 2016 Special Forces three-pack serves up another mass-market modern version of a figure that’s needed an update since the days of the 25th Anniversary series. I didn’t pick up the 2011 Marauders set, or the Collector Club version in 2014, so this is my first go-round with a new Falcon.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a direct port of either of the previous versions of the character. Instead of the 2010 Dusty legs, which nicely mirror some of the look of the original 1987 figure, he’s been given 2011 Duke’s lower extremities. The result is more than a bit wonky. The Duke that contributed its limbs is itself a cool figure, but was sculpted with a thin build. Falcon’s bulkier top half looks unbalanced on the more slight legs.

In looking at photos of the other recent Falcon figures, I’m wondering if this is a new head. Whatever the case, there’s a lot of personality in tge sculpt. He’s got a sort of leading man actor look to him, and I find that interesting, partucularly in light of his portrayal in the GI Joe movie. I know he came off as a bit of a smarmy guy in the film, but I like to think he’s grown into a capable leader in the ensuing years, as recent file cards suggest.

For accessories, he’s equipped with the usual you’d expect for the character. His backpack with removable radio is especially nice. I have to say that the modern lines have an advantage over older styles in their ability to translate multi-part accessories into the small scale.

Falcon (2016) Falcon (2016) Falcon (2016)


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