Dec 11

Underscoopfire’s 50 Greatest GI Joe Characters

I was asked by Howie Decker of Underscoopfire to be part of a panel of other bloggers, podcasters, and collectors to choose among the myriad of Joe characters to be compiled in a list of the greatest. Luckily it fell to Howie and his crew to break it all down scientifically (I think). Check out the final list here, and be sure to hit up the panelists’ sites, etc for more great reading and listening about Joes, collectibles, and more.


  1. Neapolitan Joe

    On 230 G.I.JOE menbers this is a good list.

  2. Leaky Suit Brigade

    That was a fun read! I checked it out yesterday.

  3. Clutch

    Howie is a cool dude so I knew it would be a fun list. Thanks for ranking Clutch up so high, Rob.

    The neat thing about only listing Joe team members is that many cult fan favorites can get a shot a the spotlight. I gotta say that Snow Job was a welcome surprise for sure.

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