Tunnel Rat (2011 Renegades)

Continuing with another figure that’s been camped out on my queue all year, it’s Renegades Tunnel Rat from the 30th anniversary series. The Renegades figures were pleasing in the aspect that they didn’t rely too heavily on the animated style. The figures for the most part can stand next to other recent releases and fit in nicely. However, there’s a part of me that would like to see true animated versions.

Upon first viewing the series, I initially thought that I would be annoyed by Tunnel Rat’s personality. The character however quickly grew on me, and I found him to be quite funny without being grating. I liked the figure’s look from the get-go, particularly due to its departure from the classic Tunnel Rat. The pulled down coveralls are a unique element that could only be achieved this well with the modern construction style. As much as this figure differs from the original, there are still holdovers from Tunnel Rat’s old design, like the cap, kerchief, and heavy machine gun. If there’s one place the figure falls short (pun intended) it’s in regards to the height. The animated Tunnel Rat is diminutive, but this figure is just as tall as many others.

His EOD specialty also gets some attention in the form of a bomb disposal robot (previously available with con exclusive Long Arm) as well as tools. In fact, this figure is just as loaded out as others in the same assortments, and even gets a copy of Snow Job’s cool mess kit.


  • REALLY exicted about this figure, less so when I opened him. There is an exceptional amount of great accessories included and it is a good look for Tunnel Rat. The problems I have with him are his aforementioned height and his face. His face looks too long and angular to evoke Nicky Lee. Overall, not a bad figure, but it fails to be a great figure.

    • I think it works, maybe not as a Renegades-specific sculpt, but for Tunnel Rat in general. His original filecard mentions that he has Irish, Spanish and (American, I presume) Indian in addition to Chinese ancestry, and I can see this sculpt evoking that.

  • I wish this figure was around at the Target I visited every now and then.

  • “Oh my gosh, Roy! Its a real life robot”

  • Steven B. Williams

    I dig this figure though some of his accessories I could of done without. I even used the body to make a custom. Does anybody know if the head will fit on the 25th Anni Comic Book/RoC Tunnel Rat body and look right?

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