True Heroes AB-115 Shark (2011)

Today is a very special day; three years ago today I married the most lovely and wonderful woman in the world. So what’s that got to do with a Joe blog? And aren’t you stretching the concept of your blog a bit with this one? That’s not a Joe product! Chill out, I’ll get to that.

Anyway, my wonderful wife asked me what I would like for our anniversary. I considered several things–new watch, nice shirt, maybe a favorite movie on blu-ray. Wait–I got it–giant flippin’ Joe scale plane! Yes! So thank you, honey. It’s a great gift for a geek husband. Who knew that third anniversary in Joe geek is big-ass aircraft? But it’s not even Joe. Look, when you come across something as awesome as this monstrosity, you gotta cover it, Joe or no. By the way–have you read my About page, smarty pants? Sheesh.

First off–It’s flippin’ huge. I can’t say flippin’ enough. I mean check the size of the box. See the little dude in the left hand corner–that’s a Joe figure. But the plane’s not to scale! Guess what, Chester–none of the Joe stuff is either. Now get out of my blog, you naysaying ninny! Who let that guy in here–dang! Anyhow, some neat accessories are also thrown in, including a removable table and communications panel as well as removable seats and guns in the cargo area. And hey, only four “No Step” stickers! Relief for all the recent Skystriker buyers!

There are lights and sounds, but they’re not too annoying. A carrying handle is also attached to the top, but it’s easily removable. To get to the cargo area, you remove the wings from the top. There’s plenty of room in the cargo area for several figures, and you can even shoot some pretty decent dio pics in it. If the accessories and seats are removed, the cargo area can also fit a vintage VAMP, though it has to be loaded through the top–it won’t fit in through the cargo door. Thanks to Don from the Flag Points podcast for pointing that out! Smaller Joe vehicles, like the Armadillo, RAM and Silver Mirage however will fit through the cargo door. The fact that you can fit a VAMP inside, even if it’s through the top is just incredibly cool. If I only had four words to review it, I’d say winner winner chicken dinner!

One final observation on this monster, one made by Don from the Flag Points podcast–the price point was $39.99. This thing is easily comparable in size to the yearly big ticket Star Wars vehicles.  The market for Joe is not what it once was, and the big H would be taking a chance on a big vehicle or playset, so the question is, if a nondescript line like True Heroes can do it, why won’t Hasbro? Like Don said on the latest episode of Flag Points, this thing is proof that big playsets/vehicles can still happen, and at a decent price point.

By the way, Rise of Cobra Big Brawler has already claimed this as the only aircraft big enough to contain his high levels of brawlocity.


  • Im glad you’re enjoying your anniversary gift, dear. Love you!

  • LOL! Your blog is funny, educational and entertaining. Love the photo shoot. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

  • Also, I tweeted the blog, but I forgot to add your twitter handle. Darn!

  • Wow, the Skystriker is easily dwarfed by this sucker! And I thought the Tomahawk was huge. Hasbro or not, I gotta try and fetch me one of these babies while they’re still out there at $40 bucks! It reminds me a lot of the cargo plane Wild Bill usually piloted in the Special Missions comic series.

  • This bird after a good and easy customization’d become the iconic Hercules C 130 as seen in the 1982-1994 G.I.JOE Marvel comics serie!

    • I’m going to need to get one of these. It’s amazing how a non official vehicle can be so much cooler than the official stuff and come in at such a great price.

  • I saw this one day at TRU, and held it for a few minutes looking at the massive box. I put it down and said maybe I’ll get it later. That night and the next few after, I was in bed and couldnt close my eyes without seeing that monstrous plane toting my Joe’s across the globe to their next mission. It seemed to haunt my dreams. The first chance I had to get back to TRU, I bought it. I took it the office and put it together. My co-workers and I spent the afternoon checking out the little play features and details.
    I love this thing! This is the toy I wanted Joe to release ever since it was frequently and often prominently featured in the Marvel comics. Seeing a vehicle this size, with this much play value, and at that price makes me say shame on Hasbro for not leading the way with these types of vehicles/playsets.
    Once True Heroes goes O-ring style on the figures it’ll be “GI Joe who?”

  • Hasbro wants the profits that they think their name brand deserves. I think GI JOE almost wouldn’t be better as a more affordably priced, generic military line, since their efforts to create/restart the mythos with movies and cartoons seem to flounder. Big Lots sell POWER TEAM ELITE stuff fairly well, TRU’s been running with military line for years. There’s a market there, but Hasbro thinks GI JOE has to be a $8 per figure collectable line (not that the current figures aren’t cool).

  • I LOVE this toy.
    It would be better if it were just an inch larger in diameter, but still its great. It has a good level of detail, and fills major a gap in collections… True a Cargo plane isn’t as sexy as a fighterjet, attack copter, or tank, but C130s have been used soooooo often in the comicbook that its great to finaly have a toy version…

    No its not to scale, No its not ultra realistic, but it is large enough to top load two VAMPs, or two Mini tanks in the cargo bay.

  • really nicely done sir love the plane love gi.joe though i would love hasbro to make an official version of this

  • True Heroes must produce a USS Flag look alike, that would be the holy grail of toys as it was in 1985.

  • I got this plane recently too. Always wanted a c130 for my Joes. If Hasbro made one, it would be sweet, but probably smaller and more expensive. I was most impressed by the way the interior is accessible. It is a sturdy toy and a worthwhile buy. I got it for $40 on sale and happy for it.

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