Tiger Force Blizzard (1991)

The domestic release of Blizzard is another figure that I pined for back in the days of my return to Joe collecting. He was another snow trooper, a speciality that always did (and still does) spark my interest. Much like other figures of the years I missed, he was also packed with an abundance of gear. He can also store and hold all of it at once. I love that sort of thing.

I didn’t discover the European exclusive Tiger Force figures until the days of the internet. The colors alone were enough to set me off on a search to acquire them. What could be better for a collector with my tastes than to have a snow trooper outfitted in yellow and blazing orange. How does he blend in? Who knows, but I’ll avoid the obvious yellow snow joke.

Strangely enough, the only tiger stripes are on the figure’s chest. They almost seem like an afterthought. That’s part of the reason I find the international Tiger Force figures interesting. The designs weren’t restricted to a common pattern or color scheme, and they threw in unique colors that the US versions didn’t use.

Blizzard also got a hair color change, but that’s because this character has a completely different file name and place of birth, though the bio section and quote remain the same. For the record, he’s now Gottlieb von Trapp, from Austria. The hills are alive with the sound of repaints.


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