The Power of Packaging: Python Patrol Stun

The Stun never really resonated with me, even as a kid. I just couldn’t get into its look, and was bummed that it seemed to become the de facto Cobra fast attack vehicle in the Sunbow cartoon in place of the Stinger. Of course, the toon had to maintain a link to the product that was new on toy shelves, so I ain’t mad at ’em.

The painting itself looks to be adapted from the 1986 original, down to the poses of the figures manning the vehicle. It makes me wonder if these repurposed vehicles’ box art was produced by painting over the original works. That would be a shame, if true.



  • Brother Rob, I’m sorry to confirm that those rumors are indeed true. Look at the Night Ray. They repainted everything but the stowaways, Ripper and Eels. Tragic to lose all of that original art.

  • They painted over the card artwork for the Tiger Force figures, too. On one level, it’s too bad. But, it was a sign of the times and some of this stuff might not have happened if the costs had been higher.

  • ”Original 1986 black/red version OR Burgundy,Yellow Python Patrol snake skin version, they both are manufactured in the Same Mold,by Hasbro,since you already know that .” ”Every one remembers the line ,spoken by General Hawk,in the 1986 G.I.Joe Movie”Arise Serpentor, Arise”-”Why is Cobra Commander using Stuns. The’re fast ,but don’t have the the Armor,or the punch, of the old H.I.S.S. Tanks?”’

    • James From Miami

      I’ve always found that line by General Hawk to not make any sense. How did he know that those things were called Stuns, when they were supposed to be new Cobra vehicles at that time? And in other parts of the mini series, the Joes mention the names of other Cobra vehicles. And even some of the names of the new bad guys. What the heck?

  • James From Miami

    Painting over the actual one of a kind artworks, doesn’t make any sense to me. Couldn’t they just make copies of those originals? I don’t want to call that b.s., but I can not believe that they would do something crazy like that. I don’t care about how much money they would have saved. Doing something like that would be extremely insane. And for what? A new paint gimmick to make some extra money from their old molds? That price of $13.79 for a Python Patrol Stun back then in 89, or 90, seems pretty cheap. I really miss Woolworth. I wonder how much did Kmart sold those for? I believe it was more than that. Then again, it is very possible that all of the Kmarts in South Florida, might have had higher prices than in other Kmarts in other parts of the United States. I would buy a re-issue of this for that price in a heartbeat. And since Hasbro has the mold, why haven’t they re-issued it yet? What are they waiting for? They could even re-issue the two versions of this toy. And I mean in stores, not in some freaking convention, or in their freaking website. At those freaking ridiculous ripoff prices. Whats wrong with these people? Anyway, I always liked this vehicle, but the front seemed too high. How was the driver supposed to see?

  • I agree with you guys. The STUN makes absolutely no sense as a millitary vehicle Just like the HAVOC, the driver and gunners are all exposed. This versions paint job isnt really going to help it much either.

  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    Realism? This is the same year Cobra’s failed staff dentist created a composite clone emperor from DNA collected from history’s greatest conquerors. The only thing realistic during ’86 for the Joes was how the hot young biker chick always falls for the older vet/computer programmer.

  • I always liked that the 1986 Stun was black with the red detailed parts. Did the Python Patrol Stun have the same issue with the flags being somewhat fragile?

    The rearward gunner with the splitting front main guns I thought were alright when I had 1986 versions in my possession, and I liked the high commanding pilot seat and that a whole bunch of troops could peg it on the rear fenders. Back in the day, and this is way back in the day, my entire Cobra force could be transported on a Stun. I still ended up using my Thundermachine a lot more back then, though, the Stun was alright, but I still wanted a H.I.S.S. tank.

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