The Power of Packaging: Cobra Pogo Ballistic Battle Ball

I will arm wrestle anyone who impugns the quiet dignity of the Cobra Pogo Ballistic Battle Ball. Like the finest art, the Pogo and its package presentation bring the inherent beauty of the natural world into sharp contrast. The fact that the Pogo does not exist except in tiny plastic toy form does not rob it of the same power contained in a Turner landscape or a Monet lily pond.

To study the Pogo is to contemplate what we have yet to know about the world and of life.

Note: The opinions regarding the Pogo expressed by JAD Rob are solely his own and do not represent the opinions of any other being inhabiting Planet Earth or any alternate Earths (with the possible exception of Bizarro World and/or Earth-X).


  • I’m with you, Rob. I love the Pogo and the box art is great. I remember when I found my complete Pogo at my local comic shop, I was so excited it also came with the front panel of the box for some reason. That was a nice little bonus for my collection.

  • ”Cobra Pogo Ballistic Battle Ball…Sounds like a mouthful,… For a small item , that appeared out on the toy market , back in 1987.This particular Cobra item ,looks like a mechanical red frog.More Earth -planet bound, and not very Space vehicle worthy.I have heard that many an owner, has lost parts off this collector’s piece.”

  • I never hated this vehicle. It would’ve been cool if the legs were spring loaded, but that would’ve been outside of Hasbro’s budget for a small item.

    Sure, it wouldn’t work in the real world. Neither would the Flight Pod or the Sky Hawk.

  • Funny how we’re always going back to the Pogo, or the S.L.A.M., or the Marvel comic that featured both of these things on it. I’ve always wondered why did the Hasbro folks decided change the name of the Pogo, to the Invader, for the 90’s space version of it. As for this Pogo thing, the NASA folks might be able to provide some information on it. I hope.

    • In 1993 most of the kids getting the INVADER wouldn’t know about the POGO unless and older sibling had it. So might as well name it something more intimidating.

  • Scientifically engineered to jump sharks! But I love it all the same.

  • There’s a little ANH escape pod in the design. When I got this in 1987, it became one of my more used vehicles for a while. With Cobra Commander in his armor inside, it was very effective against infantry since the Commander was relatively safe, he could operate it with reckless abandon.

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