The Power of Packaging: Cobra Jet Pack

If there’s one thing Cobra does better than the Joes, it’s to come up with outlandish and ultimately dangerous vehicles. I salute them in this regard, as it takes a special kind of nuts to knowingly develop machinery that will do severe harm to life and limb of troops. Further, that said troops will look gloriously goofy in their final minutes on Planet Earth. You almost wonder if Cobra Commander has a death wish, and Destro humors him simply because the money keeps on flowing.

When I see this package art, I have to wonder who convinced Crystal Ball to take this flying coffin for a spin. Maybe Major Bludd reflected the guy’s hypno-shield back at him. Whatever the case, I really enjoy knowing there was a toy on shelves in 1987 that basically depicted a eastern European Vincent Price strapped to a death-rocket backpack. Sheer brilliance.


  • Such a terrible toy….1987 had a LOT of stinkers.

  • ”The Cobra Jet Pack had a limited range, due to its 30 minute gas supply.Once the gas was gone in mid-flight, so was the Cobra Agent.So Sad.”

  • I never understood why have Crystal Ball pilot this matchbox either. I found him to be such a silly character. Now I’m cursed with the gray on the sides of my hair, so it all comes full circle.

  • What a fantastic painting! Ridiculous, but fun. The Joes had a semi-believable jetpack in the JUMP, but it’s like Cobra used Cold War era reasoning that if GIJoe could do it, they could do it bigger & better! Pull two engines off a small jet (or the WOLF?), add guns & missiles, hang a harness from it, and you’ve got a “jet pack”!

  • To be fair, it does say “Danger” right there on the side of the jet thruster. Probably should have arrows pointing to every part of it, though.

  • I want to army build it #deathfromabove

  • I’d thought of the Cobra Jet Pack as a less believable C.L.A.W., though a sturdier toy.

    I’d guess Crystal Ball has gone deaf from being between two loud jet engines and having 4 machine guns firing above his head.

    “Cobra is so dumb.”
    (Looks at corner advert for Fridge figure.)
    “GI JOE is pretty dumb, too”

  • Never owned one but strangely liked it.

    It’s the epitome of the 1980s – like Dynasty all big shoulder pad aesthetics imho; a mid to late 80s update of the C.L.A.W.

    I could see it being paired with Astro Vipers actually….but it oddly pairs well with Crystal Ball though…

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