The Power of Packaging: Cobra Flight Pod

I make a lot of bones about the quality of GI Joe packaging from the 60s through the 90s. The 2000s relaunched series had its share of interesting marketing material, but the patterns of retail had changed in ways that precluded the need for large swaths of card art and cross-sell imagery.

The Cobra Flight Pod goes way back, and I had to snap his one up. I was about to trash the box, when I was struck by the intricate scene on the front. There’s so much going on with the background, it’s obvious the artist put a lot of thought into the presentation. Wonderful stuff here.


  • Collectors toss boxes?

    I never saw this one since I don’t live near a Ross. Pretty sure few if any Targets got these.

    “Product shown in fantasy situation” Aw, man, Rise of Cobra wasn’t a documentary?

  • This is a nice presentation. Elite Vipers wearing the Dudley Boys’ pants patrolling the skies above Neo-Toyko. Something far-fetched as the Flight Pod would’ve fit right in “Rise of Cobra”.

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