The Power of Packaging: Ammo Dump Unit

As we’ve covered before, the battlefield accessories were great extras to add to your living room or backyard warfare. Hasbro spent as much effort in making and marketing these sets as they did their larger vehicle offerings. The Ammo Dump box art clearly shows all the bits in the kit, and even cross-sells Recondo in the process. Diabolical marketing strikes again!



  • I didn’t have this particular set, but the Battlefield Accessories were great little additions to Joe adventures. Smaller toys like these and the Check-Point were a lot of fun and I liked how Hasbro Direct offered the entire set through their catalogs.

  • I never noticed the packakage art version on the crate is miscolored. Now I want a green one.

  • As a kid, I skipped these for a long time. But, they hung around at retail and I eventually caved. But, man were these these nice. I went hog wild and bought a bunch of them and never looked back. These things are why no toy line will ever again match what we got in the ’80’s.

    • I’m amazed the brand is still going. Personally, I blame I phones and video games for the lack of interest kids have in toys these days

  • ”Battlefield Accessories/Small Vehicles,were always great ideas to sell, for any kid from the 1980’s, who could not afford the big action figure driver included vehicles.I agree with Skymate,on the issue of Blaming I phones/video games for the lack of interest kids have in toys today.

    • Thanks for the support, Raven. My life is in pieces right now so I’m grateful for whatever support I get

      • SpiritoftheBeachhead

        Really in pieces? So sorry to hear that brother. What is it?

        • [Not to go into too much detail] but a woman is involved and I’ve picked the wrong decade to break into the publishing industry
          I also used to follow Kirk Bozigian on social media. For those not in the know [and I really hate to bring politics onto this blog] but Kirk is a hard core neo-conservative [and I’m an Australian progressive]. His posts about the election were really offending my graduating class schoolmates. I had to bite the bullet to ‘unfriend’ Kirk. Without Kirk, none of my favourite things wouldn’t exist but my senior year classmates are more important to me than toys.

          • Well GIJOE is a very patriotic and nationalistic brand. Two things looked down upon by most progressives, globalists etc….

          • Skymate, I support your decision to speak about Bozigian’s extreme views and I also feel and agree with what you are saying. I don’t think this is a proper venue for discussing this further, however. Know that some other person on the other side of the planet is hearing you and wants to encourage you to always keep the values you and your friends have.
            Anonymous November 16, 2016 1:13 pm, GIJoe is a brand. GIJoe is not nationalistic nor patriotic, those are perceived values that were put there by design. It is consumerism wrapped in red, white, and blue. Do not assume Anonymous that progressives are unpatriotic, and do not assume that you understand progressivism, it is not liberalism.

  • I really like how shocked and disgusted Recondo looks to have found a missile in his ammo dump.

  • He’s just angry because he lost his jump wings and got stuck packing explosives in crates. I really like this set, but mostly as scene dressing – the crate is fantastic! The Wolverine missiles are handy, but the FANG ones are pretty useless.

    • The wolverine missiles had harder plastic than the 1982 ones, I could never get them in the launcher. The vehicle accessory pack had more useful missiles, though that set was one of the biggest peg warms of 80’s GI JOE.

  • I love these little sets.

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