Firefly (2007 Sigma 6)

Most of the impetus for this blog comes from reconnecting and finding a continuing use for my collection, the breadth of which sometimes makes me question my sanity. Earlier in the week, a couple of GI Joe news items got meĀ thinkingĀ about Sigma 6 Firefly. First, there was the news of the Toys R Us exclusive Jurassic Park figures based on

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Arctic VAMP (Sigma 6)

The Sigma 6 small scale vehicles were at once amazing and frustrating. Most were great new designs, and far beyond the previous vehicle offerings of the new sculpt era. Which leads me to the frustration: the vehicles weren’t compatible with our favorite scale. Some could be (and were later officially) refitted to effectively accommodate 3 & 3/4 inch Joes, bit

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