Shark (The Bad Guys)


How do you know when your toy line is a big success? When other companies scramble to catch some of your lightning in a bottle of their own. Sometimes it’s successful, sometimes it isn’t. Remco’s Sgt. Rock line, based on the long-running DC war comic, sought to capitalize on Hasbro’s smallĀ  scaled GI Joe relaunch. The company even went as

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Enemy Leader (Demon Enemy, et al.)

Feast your eyes upon the gloriousness that is Enemy Leader, a part of also-ran American (and National) Defense’s Demon Enemy line, and also released in the similarly packaged Commando Ranger (and Demon Ranger) line as “The Killer.” Whatever moniker you choose, isn’t this the most beautifully realized four inches of plastic that have ever been popped out of a steel

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