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Volga (1998)

According to the file card info, this is the Oktober Guard member usually known as Daina. Was there another rights issue going on, or did the Hasbro team at the time just think that Daina needed a proper code name? Then again, is it really her, since the hair is red? This figure is light years better than most anything

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Dusty (2000)

When is a desert trooper not a desert trooper? When he’s been repainted for the 2000-2002 Real American Hero Collection, a line populated with a share of the cool, the strange and the lackluster. Wait, that’s pretty much any Joe line. The ’91 Dusty mold is, like many others from the same year, among my favorite figures of the 90’s.

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Crossfire (2001)

Combine parts from two molds that later in the decade would become some the most overused in recent memory, and what do you get? Rock ‘N Roll–I mean Crossfire, the new machine gunnerĀ introducedĀ in the Real American Hero Collection series. The arms and torso belonged to Big Ben, and the waist and legs to Dial-Tone. Bits of those two guys guys

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