Dr. Mindbender (2003)

Of all the Cobras who dress ridiculously, and there’s no shortage of them, Dr. Mindbender had managed to consistently look like a snickerdoodle even into the new sculpt era. Before he finally donned a normal looking labcoat in Valor vs Venom, he trotted out this number, an unofficial Python Patrol outfit. This figure suffers from a particularly brutal form of

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Rock Viper (2003 Python Patrol)

Talk about frustrating. How can a toyline go from presenting a pack of great, seldom seen army builder remakes (with all their accessories present to boot) to an abominable set like the Heavy Assault Squad? Whatever the excuse was: limited molds, rushed schedule, etc., I would have rather seen some of the Python Patrol set peppered into later offerings. The

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Python Viper (1989)

Is the ’86 Viper mold so popular that collectors will buy it in any flavor? Maybe so, unless the lower half has been replaced with BAT legs. Even then, the right color combo could cause a stir. Just look at the 2002 Crimson Strike Team Viper. The first ever repaint of the Viper is, at the very least, interesting. The

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