Playmobil Wolf

By Past Nastification 1:18 GI Joe has done a good job of representing the genus Canis starting with 1984’s Junkard. Timber, Order, Sandstorm, Lamont, New Sculpt Junkyard, Modern Era Timber, and ME Order followed. These molds were sometimes used to represent different or new animal characters. Sandstorm stood in for Timber once, Timber became one of Kwinn’s sled dogs, and

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The A-Team 

By Past Nastification The A-Team was a logical choice for Galoob.  The same kids who bought GI Joe toys and watched the GI Joe cartoon surely idolized NBC’s campy-but-virtuous soldiers of fortune.  Galoob was obviously trying to shoehorn some A-Team toys into kid’s GI Joe adventures and grab a buck.  Fair enough.   The 1:18 scale line featured mediocre figures,

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