The Power of Packaging: Construction Commandos (2015)

Now this is what the Power of Packaging feature is all about. The San Diego Comic Con exclusive GI Joe Kre-O set came as a surprise this year, considering that the Hasbro building block system seems to be on hiatus, at least in the US. The subject matter (Sgt. Slaughter) was also unexpected, considering what you often hear about the

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Iron Grenadier (2003)

One of the more imposing Cobra figures released during the relaunched small Joe era, the revamped Iron Grenadier was an instant favorite with me. I didn’t have any attachment to the 80s version, as it was available first during the time I had dropped out of toy collecting. Maybe that’s the reason I accepted this figure so readily. Whatever the

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Nullifier (1988)

How many times have we heard about Cobra pilots and the extreme punishment their bodies are put through? It seems if they’re not genetically modified, they’re subjected to some horribly gruelling training regimen. The Nullifiers are no different, as their file cards posit. The color scheme, or lack thereof, is in contrast to the incredible detail of the mold. Strange

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