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Night Fox

Night Fox (2013)


I’ve become a Night Fox fan. Night Who? He’s a recent arrival on the scene, and thanks to the lack of truly detailed file cards or a presence in any media, he’s a bit of a blank slate. His original figure, a driver from the Pursuit of Cobra line, immediately became a favorite of mine among the More >


Ralph “Steeler” Pulaski (2008)


Can we get a little love for Steeler? The man’s been there from the beginning, one of the first driver figures, and he seems to be either left out or when he does appear, to be given the half-arsed treatment.

The sadness of this figure rivals the depths of laziness plumbed by some of the 1997 More >


Ferret (1988)


Leave it to Destro to finally give us an enemy trooper who wears sensible pants. I wouldn’t think that tank drivers would normally wear khakis, but then again their boss is known for odd fashion choices.

The Ferret sports one of the most incredible helmets in all the line. Looking like a cross More >

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