Bullet-Proof (1993)


I know I’m unusual in this, but I’ve got a thing for the 1993 series. I won’t say it began when I was buying the figures off the pegs back in the day, but it certainly started to take hold when I re-visited my collection as part of this blog. The year’s Battle Corps offerings are a combination of brightly-colored

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Cutter (1992 DEF)


My original Cutter figure did most of his on-duty toy time at the helm of the WHALE (naturally). Outside of that vehicle, he commanded the Tactical Battle Platform, which seemed like a natural fit. I didn’t have a USS Flagg as a kid, otherwise I’m sure he would have manned that gargantuan playset in some way. I know, he’s Coast

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Gristle (1993)

1993 saw the continuation of the previous year’s DEF, albeit in a less obvious manner. Each of the second year Joe drug fighters and Cobra criminals were folded into the regular Battle Corps assortment, and given normal accessories in place of the previous Battle Flash weaponry. Gristle comes to us as either a lieutenant or successor to the drug kingpin

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Mace (1993)

As the Joe team’s second undercover operations specialist, Mace looks more the part of police officer than soldier. That’s due to his original planned designation to be part of the second series of the Drug Elimination Force, or DEF. Like his teammates for that assortment, he came equipped with a decidedly cover blowing accessory, the helmet mounted missile launcher. Whereas

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