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Steve Wyoming (CORPS!)

Steve Wyoming (CORPS!)


Lanard has never been worried about getting a little silly with their action figure offerings, and we’re all the richer for it. Before I had located a file card for him, I had assumed this figure was probably some sort of patriotic American type, a la Sgt. Slaughter.

Another of the Lanard CORPS! More >

Night Lazer

Night Lazer (Corps!)


Night Lazer was one of the later Corps! figures to be released after the first wave in 1986. These things were repainted so often in the 90s and 2000s that catching all the variations can make your head spin. From what I can tell, this one hails from later in the 90s. The original version was More >


Hat Trick LeMonde (CORPS!)


Sacre bleu! Tank tread boots! Zeut alors! Up until a short time ago, I actually thought his name was Hat Trick Lemonade. Can you believe that? I think that name is much more fitting than LeMonde. It certainly matches the figure in terms of sheer wackiness.

Part of the funky Corps! sports series More >


BUCKs (2005 Lanard Corps!)


Lanard’s Corps! line broke its figures off into several sub-groups for a bit in the 2000′s (where have we seen that before?) There were the WASPs, an air based group; the ROOS, a rapid response team; the ORCAs, a group of water operations specialists; and the BUCKs, a bio nuclear containment More >


Fox (Lanard CORPS!)


I had always thought that this figure was a villain, but upon looking at his bio card, he’s apparently not. He certainly has a villainous look about him, and a strongly German World War II era uniform. The eyepatch takes his appearance one step further into the “bad guy” arena.

But not so, as the More >

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