Captivating Cover: Cold Hard Cash

Admit it, folks–this is how you’ve always wanted to see Destro: standing in a huge pile of cash. The only thing missing here is the Pimp Daddy suit. What a joy. This Scholastic storybook tells that tale of Destro’s theft of the US Government’s new $100 printing plate. What will happen now that Destro is rich enough to (as the

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Captivating Cover: The Cobra Shrinking Ray

Comic book covers often utilize exaggerated and fanciful depictions of scale for effect. I thought that was the case here, but apparently that’s meant to be an actual tiny Hawk in danger of being flattened by the comparatively huge fist of Cobra Commander. Guess I should have read the title from the get-go. These Marvel-produced coloring books seem to have

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Captivating Cover: Marvel GI Joe #49

Destro and Dr. Mindbender abscond from a well lit tomb with a mummy who is…alive? Talk about sensationalistic. I guess you gotta do what you gotta do to sell comics. In all seriousness, I love one eye peeking out of the bandages. The audaciousness reminds me of American International horror/sci-fi posters of the 50s-60s, in which the actual content of

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