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Ya gotta love the days of comic book ads. Heck, ya gotta love the days of comic books–well, when they were made for kids. But enough of me being a grumpy old man, check out this ginchy Joe ad from 1966. The season was set for a blitz of Christmas season ads, and again the GI Joe club was front

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Super Joe Cross-Sell

Sadly, the Super Joe packaging did not feature a full color card back. As a result, the packaging looks comparatively cheap compared to Kenner’s Star Wars and Hasbro’s later GI Joe offerings. Even so, it’s great to see many of the team together in one image fighting their foe, Gor. Other cross-sells pictured Luminos, another of the light fighting member

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Atomic Man Comic Ad

In my experience as a kid comic book reader, the advertisements that peppered the four-color pages of my youth fell into three important categories, each with its own unique merits. First, there are the house ads, which served the purpose of touting upcoming new comics or important events. These are interesting from a historic and marketing perspective. Second, we have

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