Super Cop (2001 Funskool)

“There’s never a cop around when you need one. When this one’s around, all you need is one.” The 1992 film starring Jackie Chan was originally released as Police Story III—wait, wrong blog.

This is Funskool’s Super Cop, and he’s, well, a cop. Is he super? He’s got Sgt. Slaughter’s head, and he was pretty super. That should count for something. I am fascinated by the Funskool toys for their sheer audacity. Hasbro’s never thought of using the Sgt. Slaughter head to make an action figure version of the stereotypical US highway patrolman. I can only guess that the designers had finished watching a Smokey & the Bandit marathon before planning out their next set of figures. Jokes aside, most of the parts choices work well in portraying a police officer. The wide brim and sunglasses of Sgt. Slaughter’s head mold are particularly effective. I don’t understand the use of Iceberg’s arms, as they give the figure furry gloves that don’t make much sense, unless he’s used as a Minnesota state trooper.

There was a time when the Funskool figures were easy to get, but these days Ebay seems to be the best shot at getting a good selection of them. I picked up my Super Cop years ago in a boxed set called Rescue Squad, which also included blue and white repaints of the VAMP, FANG, Silver Mirage and Devilfish vehicles.

The usual Funskool quality issues are all here: cheap plastic, sloppy paint and goofy card art. All in all, a weird, yet fun figure. I wouldn’t expect anything less from Funskool.


  • The Iceberg arms probably mean that they watched “Fargo” along with the Smokey movies. I could see a company like Lanard coming up with this type of figure in the 80’s and 90’s. Kinda neat, yeah.

  • Not having seen Smokey & the Bandit, I have the to say this figure reminds me of Super Troopers!

  • Seems like “Supercop” was a character or TV serial in India back in the day. Not certain though. Why the guy wears a sergeant badge on his hat is a mystery as well.

  • After all the hulabaloo that occurred when this figure was first discovered back in 2001, he has certainly fallen off the collector radar. But, I think this is one of the best Funskool releases. It’s just something we would never have gotten in the American line.

    In 2004, Funskool planned to make a figure based on traditional Indian ceremonial military garb. But, the Joe line died there before it could come to fruition. Would have been a nice companion piece to this figure.

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