Straight Edge (Lanard CORPS! Construction)

Straight Edge (CORPS!)

No, it’s not the CORPS! attempt at creating an anti-drug mascot. Instead, we have another of the Construction series figures. This time, it’s a surveyor. The code name is appropriate, I think. I didn’t even realize these civilan offshoots of Lanard’s me-too 3 & 3/4 inch action figure line even had code names until I found some packaged samples at one of the annual Lanard sales.

I suppose the closest the small Joe line got to this type of character was tollbooth, a combat engineer. Straight Edge has his own branded CORPS! survey crew shirt, handy to have when you’re tossed into a pile of similarly constructed action figures. This also has to be the first action figure ever to come equipped with a theodolite and tripod. Impressive. He’s also got a jackhammer, although I don’t think he’s wearing the proper PPE to safely operate it. The hammer must be meant for another crew member, as this guy looks more like a foreman. He does need a little more protection for his noggin than a bump cap, however. Safety first, kids. You wouldn’t want your toys to get slapped with a willful OSHA citation. Straight Edge (CORPS!)


  • Nice figure! This figure’s head reminds me of “Anderson” the C.I.A. liaison that first appeared in GI Joe # 7. I have a small collection of Lanard and Remco figures that I wish I had more of, because of how unique they are.

  • Love the Construction Corps, they’re reserves in my Joeverse, responisble for maintaining the Pit. I think the jackhammer came with Spike; Straight Edge’s accessories are two cones, the theodolite and a theodolite target.

    Be seeing you

  • This guy’s got undercover government spook written all over him

  • A perfect gift for Customisers. I turned one of the painters into Super Mario.

  • There were a pair of Lanard Construction guys sold as a two-pack called Bent Rod and Power Tool. I’ll leave the rest up to you

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