Steeler (2007)

This version of Steeler serves for me as a reminder of the disappointment that was the 2007 convention exclusives. The set, titled Tanks for the Memories had members of the original Joe team as its focus along with–guess what–tanks. The Collectors Club intended the centerpieces of the set to be a set of Joe and Cobra–guess what–tanks.

Unfortunately, the vintage tooling gods were not smiling upon the intended mold, the Mauler tank. The story goes that part of the tank had to be retooled because the original piece was not available. The tanks therefore were not available at the con. The Collectors Club intended to mail them out later to all who paid for them at the con. Ultimately this did not happen either, and so the two tank drivers remain with the tankless job of standing around alone.

The figure fits in better with the comic pack original thirteen Joes thanks to the choice of the Dogfight body mold, a significantly thinner build of figure than the Mace mold used for the 2004 comic pack version. Having newer vintage o-ring styled versions of the original thirteen Joes is on many a fan’s wish list. Between the 2000’s comic packs and the 2007 con figures, that list came a little closer to being fulfilled. The style of the collared open jacket brings to mind the original mold. The only downside of using Dogfight’s mold are the molded pilot wings still visible on the left breast pocket. The inclusion of the armored division patch on the left sleeve is a very nice touch.


  • Steeler is one of my favorite Joes ever and easily among the top 5 out of the original 13. Too bad about those very cool Maulers, as it’s the first time I’ve actually heard this story. I’m not familiar with most con exclusives but this version is an improvement over his comic pack predecessor. I like how they gave him blonde hair, probably as a homage to the Sunbow cartoon Steeler. Nice.

  • Steeler is one of my fav’s of the orignal Joe’s as well. I’ve had a custom figure for the longest time since I never had an original. I picked up the comic pack version when it was available, but that figure left a little to be desired. The Con figure looks cool enough, but I have difficulty justifying the price those exclusive figures often command!

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