Stalker (2011 30th Anniversary)

The Joe team’s preeminent ranger was recently released in the first wave of the 30th anniversary series, which is quite fitting as he’s been an integral member of the team since its beginning in 1982.

He’s been through several iterations over the years, but he’s always looked his best when the design goes back to his roots. The base body is the commando Snake Eyes from earlier in the year, this time equipped with jungle Duke’s web gear. I did not particularly care for that Snake Eyes’ web gear, so this version looks much better to me.  The Resolute Stalker head works well in this style, and the face sculpt portrays his no-nonsense attitude. The paint scheme is subtle yet still harkens back to the beginnings of the character, with a simple green on green camo pattern.

I am disappointed by the use of the original Stalker’s machine gun. It seems like a dated choice to include on such a modern figure. It’s also strange that its the only weapon included other than a sidearm and knife, as this line and the Pursuit of Cobra have us in the habit of expecting each figure to be armed to the teeth.

This figure, while being made up entirely of existing parts, is yet another success due to the forethought put into the sculpt and design of the current line. Its almost chameleonic ability to morph varied parts into a wide variety of characters is amazing.


  • Stalker has always been a favorite of mine. For some reason, none of his various versions has ever, truly disappointed me. There’s always a saving grace in even the less inspired offerings. Great characters seem to have that effect on some toy lines.

  • He looks like someone you don’t want to mess with!

  • Stalker is nearly the coolest Joe ever. This figure is nearly a perfect version of him. The tone of it is really close to the classic ICONIC ’82 figure. I can nitpick by saying I wish it was more green and less gray but I’m waiting for the repaint later. 🙂

  • I am happy this figure has the dreadlocked Resolute Stalker head, I LOVED that look for him. Marrying that hair with his version 1-esque look is a heavenly match.

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