Snow Wolf (2004)

The Snow Wolf made his appearance in the first series of Valor vs. Venom, which was sensible considering the animal theme of the Cobra forces. As troops, they’re venomized to become feral creatures with increased abilities to withstand the extreme conditions of cold weather. They’re also crack shots. Who would figure wolves for marksmen (markswolves?)

The mold first appeared as the more familiarly named Sbow Serpent, a driver figure from the previous year. That figure and this one don’t look all that different, and the older version came equipped with snowshoes. Neither holds up comparatively in the sculpt or accessory department.

The cartoonish proportions render the figure so stylistically different from many of its companions that it looks more than a little odd next to practically any other Joe or Cobra figures. Others of its kind, such as the initial new sculpt versions of Flint and the Baroness, were akin to the vintage figures run through an anime design filter.


  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    I would think those big ass furry gloves would get in the way of this guy being a great marksman.

  • Not a terrible figure, but has that CORPS look. The cloak is kinda cool; he’s not wearing a wolfskin, is he? That’d be weird, him being a markswolf and all.

  • Don’t most people have shoulders the same size as their hips? LOL The wave 3 Takara sculpts…how to take simple designs and exaggerate them…and Hasbro kept using some of them. (Except Baroness and Flint)

    The difference between this Snow Wolf and the Polar Blast driver Snow Serpent is the Snow Wolf has a solid red Cobra logo and the Snow Serpent the red outline logo.

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