Snow Job (2013 Kre-O)

The Kre-O hits just jeep coming. I can’t think of one yet that hasn’t brought me more joy than even the recent main line movie figures. Figures like Snow Job here make me smile a lot. Isn’t it the most gosh darned cute toy you’ve ever seen? I suppose to think that, you really have to have a frame of reference to the original toy upon which it’s based. I’m biased because the 1983 Snow Job is one of my all time favorite action figures, GI Joe or otherwise.

Not only is the usual Kre-O simplification of great old designs here, but the accessory count is represented as well. Skis, ski poles, an equivalent of the XMLR-3A laser rifle, and a snap on stay on backpack are all here. The only missing element is the ability to store the skis on the backpack. This can however be remedied by the addition of a certain white Lego brick, which can be had easily via any number of sources.

As an added bonus, the hood is removable, and you can see Snow Job’s full face–well, as full as it gets with goggles, but you also get a better look at his awesome red beard. The current Joes just can’t match the classics for incredible facial hair, by the way. We need more power beards in Joe!

The Kre-O figures continue to elicit a fanboyish squeee from me whenever I get them in hand, and even after I’ve had them for a while. My results probably aren’t typical, since I generally go crazy for more unabashedly toylike…well…toys. However, if you’re a Joe fan going all the way back to the 80s, or if you just have an appreciation for the older little guys, Snow Job just might hit a sweet spot of nostalgia and pure fun. Now we need a Kre-O Polar Battle Bear for him to ride. Although if that happened, my head would probably explode from sheer Joe geek joy.


  • Yeah, I’d love to see a Kre-O Polar Battle Bear. I didn’t run down Snow Job, but that’s a great little vehicle and I think would look pretty darn cool in Kre-O form.

  • How about a snowcat too?

  • I don’t collect these little guys but it looks like (a) kids love them and (b) they’re doing an excellent job of keeping the flame alive for us older fans.

    It’s great to know that the vintage era characters that we grew up with are alive and well. Can’t fault any toy who manages such a feat nowadays.

  • It’s been fun revisiting the early Joes & Cobras via Kre-O. And Snow Job is a perfect example of how well Hasbro did Wave 2. Most of those figures look great and come with a lot of accessory parts.
    @KansasBrawler: the Polar Battle Bear that geewunner (eBay ID) does is awesome! The tracks on mine are a little loose, but man they look good.

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