Snake Eyes (2008)

Snake Eyes

I’ve mentioned several times that one of my fondest memories of GI Joe in the 80’s involves a coloring book. It wasn’t that I was still coloring at age 10. Though if I were, would that be wrong? Surely there are worse things than still finding joy in coloring at ten years old. Nevertheless, my fascination with this book came not from coloring the pages, but from the actual artwork and story.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, it was based on issue number two of the Marvel comic. I simply found it interesting because the Joes featured in it were outfitted in arctic garb that was different from their toy appearances. I became so fascinated with what the Joes were wearing, that I asked my mother to sew little arctic outfits for my figures. My straight arm Snake Eyes was the first one to be customized with new cloth jacket and pants.

Fast forward to 2008, and the 25th anniversary series. I was probably more excited to see this version of Snake Eyes than any other figure that year. While it wasn’t the first figure to represent his look in that classic issue, it was a more accurate portrayal than the previous vintage styled comic pack release. Instead of using rehashed parts, this figure was mostly new. The modern construction allowed for more flexibilty to add things like the long jacket and pulled back hood, both of which were essential parts of the look in the comic.

The color was another interesting aspect of Snake Eyes’ arctic appearance. I’ve wondered, where in the heck did he find a parka in black? Did he dye it before he went on the mission, or does he simply have a closetful of black gear for every occasion? Whatever the case, the man is always prepared.

All the accessories of that old design are here too, from the explosives pouch to the weasel skull necklace. We even got some off-panel extras in the ice crampons and sword. If the ten year old me would have seen Snakes brandish a ninja sword in that old coloring book, I probably would have asked my mom to make one out of an old nail file.


  • This mold had a good deal of reuse in the 25th Anniversary/ROC/POC lines. Here, it starts with the head of the first 25th Anniversary Snake Eyes, the backpack is a retooled version of the 1991 Dusty’s, the uzi comes from V1 Low-Light, and the sword is similar to the first 25th Anniversary Storm Shadow’s, save for the larger handle.

  • How I wish this fig were in vintage style!

  • Snake Eyes is always prepared… He even volunteers to clean all weapons himself ’cause he doesn’t want them to jam in case you’re covering him. 🙂

    Loved those early issues.

    I was fiddling with Presto Magix and Shrinky Dinks at age 10, so it’s all cool. Heck, I’d still be buying coloring books if they featured the characters I used to love as kids.

  • Currently in Afghnaistan now, and I have a black parka for the colder months.

  • When I sold off most of my carded 25th , this figure stayed with me. An iconic portrayal of a great design. I too, would have loved to see this figure done in the classic o-ring style.

  • Acer, you got me thinking. I believe this torso was also used for Frostbite that came with some ROC vehicle, and also the ROC figure Icestorm, I believe. It was alsoused with the artic conditions Tele-Viper.

    • That it was, that it was. It was also used for the 25th Anniversary/POC Blowtorch and the 30th Anniversary Sci-Fi. Let’s not forget the 25th/ROC/POC Snow Serpent and the Arctic HISS driver.

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