Snake Eyes (2004 Comic Pack)

I’ve talked about my fondness for Marvel comic issue number two a few times in the course of this blog. It held a special place for me as a kid because I had a coloring book based on the issue. Someday I hope to track down a copy of it. The comic issue was a favorite for a couple of reasons, one of which is that it spurred my interest in customizing. Of course, I had no idea what customizing meant back then, I just knew that I wanted toy versions of the comic GI Joes in their arctic gear. I actually asked my mom to make a little pair of pants and a parka for Snake Eyes. She obliged, and I had something that made my toy one of a kind.

Hasbro finally obliged with my wishes for an official figure with a comic pack in 2004. Featuring Snake Eyes in his arctic uniform, along with the oft-requested Kwinn and a Scarlett in karate outfit, it was an exciting set for its time. As a Marvel comic fan since the 80s, I was excited about all of the comic sets, but this one in particular was a must have.

When the comic packs focused on the early Marvel issues, there was an attempt to recreate the look of the characters from the printed page. Sometimes the results were successful, other times they left a bit to be desired. I was most interested in the figures that incorporated early 80s parts. Snake Eyes is a good example of this, and strikes me as a real “what if” figure, since he’s made mostly from 1982-83 parts. It’s as if the designers limited themselves to what would have been on hand to create this figure in 1983. The limited parts idea is a very interesting concept, and one that has even been the subject of a group project.

There isn’t a much better early 80s GI Joe figure than Snow Job, and the repainting of his mold in new colors brings out some elements that aren’t as noticable in the all white original. The way that the jacket continues onto the waist was unique for the time, and with the black paint job, the detail is even more apparent. I think the mold works well as another character in this case, thanks to its more nondescript look.

The figure isn’t an exacting representation of what was on the comic page, but the concept and execution make for a cool figure that could have existed back when I was a kid reading my favorite GI Joe comic.


  • Dreadnok: Spirit

    This is my first time seeing this figure and I really like it. It’s so nice to see Snake Eyes in something that’s not totally a gimmicky ninja outfit. This certainly makes me think of his commando roots and with the colors, I could definitely see him in a woods/jungle setting.

  • I do wish they had used a different pair of upper arms, or even the originals (which were just those of the O13 guys).

    You are right about the customizing aspect–in fact, if I ever get three of these figures, I’ll be able to make Breaker, Stalker, and a proper Snake Eyes (using an extra of the comic pack #21’s head).

  • While I was already suffering from a bit of Snake Eyes overload from the main line at this point, I really liked adding this version of Snake Eyes to my collection. While, like many others, I bought the set for the Kwinn, I found myself liking this version of Snake Eyes a little more than I expected. While Scarlett was a little too comic-specific, this version of Snake Eyes was really nice and made me a little nostalgic for the standard O-ring guys (as opposed the the new sculpt stuff) and I was pretty hooked on those comic packs. The only reason I had so few is that after the first wave, it was really hard to find them in my area for some reason.

  • That was really cool of your mom to customize some threads for Snakes. Issue #2 of the Marvel comic is a great story which, of course, introduces Kwinn.

    This figure was popular enough to be homaged by a 25th anniversary version. Quite a feat for a fig who had only debuted in the comic packs a couple of years earlier.

  • I too am absolutley sick of snakeeyes but i think this version is okay. Its a bit more interesting than the boring old Ninja gear.

    I remeber my Dad showed me how to repair and customise Joes when i was 11. As soon as we learned that, my Brother and i made a less garish version of battle corps Beachhead

    I also remeber when i was 12, i was the last person to see the local videos stores copy of the first five parter [Mass device?] before the tape wore out. After we saw it, My bropther and I made little rain ponchos for some of our figures out of old hankeis

  • I just got a sealed comic pack with Kwinn last week.Whille Scarlett was laughable,the Snake-Eyes figure was top-notch.I didn’t realize Kwinn’s head is attached to that white snow collar. Anyone want an extra Kwiin figure (no weasel-skull necklace)?

  • G.I.JOE comics number 2! What a great comic!

  • @troublemagnet
    I can take it if you don’t want it.

  • Rob, is the base in your photo from the vintage Star Wars Hoth turret playset? As a kid, that was one of my fave Star Wars toys. In fact, my Joes often ended up with far more playtime in my SW vehicles and playsets than my SW figures ever did.

    Issue 2 is one of my favorites as well. I never picked up this figure or the 3-pack it’s from, as i didn’t start collecting until the 25th Anniversary figures came out, but I love the 25th Version of this Snake Eyes. I can’t wait to match him withy the forthcoming Kwinn.

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