Sideshow Snake Eyes V2 Exclusive (2013)


I am a huge fan of the Sideshow GI Joe line, I own every figure except one and I shouldn’t.  This figure is one from the, I should have passed column.  He has several positive features and a lot of drawbacks.  His gear load-out is impressive, typical for Sideshow.  He has several firearms and edged weapons all well done.  He also sports the new Sideshow Pro body with nicely sculpted and painted arms.  Too bad it is hidden under that bulky sweater but more on that later.  Timber falls somewhere in the middle.  I laud Sideshow for trying something different but the articulated Timber falls short of the mark.  His joints are all loose and he is difficult to pose.  The exclusive version includes a snarling head which some refer to as the yawning sculpt.  This is a good transition to the bad, which is all the rest.  The commando head sculpt is a real miss to me, it’s features are odd and it is misshapen. The included sweater is ill fitting and over sized. The end result is a figure that misses several key metrics and ends up looking like a hodge podge.  This figure had the potential to take Sideshow GI Joe to a whole new level but in the end I think it was the beginning of the end of the line.

Sideshow Snake Eyes V2

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