Shogun Warriors Colorforms Production Art

Here at Shogun Daily, we like to peek into the behind the scenes of our favorite toy line from time to time. Like other popular properties from the 70s, the series generated licensed items beyond toys. Courtesy of auction house Hake’s, we get a look at some production samples for a Colorforms set.

We get the big three, plus the usual selection of Colorforms effects like explosions and comic book style sound effects. The whole thing brings to mind the Marvel comic, drawn by the prolific Herb Trimpe, the man who first illustrated Wolverine, as well as another licensed property, GI something or other.

Maybe tomorrow we’ll focus on the Shogun comic. Stay tuned!


  • What! What happened to Joe A Day? Dang! There goes my morning pick me up!

  • Certified Shogunified!

  • Awesome! Happy April 1!

  • James From Miami

    I heard that there is going to be a new Mazinger Z movie coming out for the 45th anniversary of Mazinger Z. Not only did I used to watch this series uncut, and uncensored, in Panama in the mid 1980’s, but I also had a small die cast Mazinger Z figure. But I have not been able to find out which one it was, because there were a few that were made back then. The cartoon’s intro theme sounds a little bit like the 1960’s Spider-Man t.v. show’s theme.

    • That’s very cool. My wife has a friend that watched the series growing up in Egypt. She was at the house one day, looking at some of the toy collection, and started to describe this robot show she loved so dearly as a child. As soon as she said ‘booby missiles’, I declared ‘Mazinger Z! I collect those!’ and showed her a few of the modern toys, including the one with the missiles…

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